Beach Days In Puerto Rico

snorkeling and kiteboarding on Puerto Rican beaches

Are you looking for a new and exotic vacation spot? Perhaps the pristine beaches of Puerto Rico may be the answer. Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for a satisfying beach trip that they can enjoy.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches for Lazing Your Days Away

Are you one of the people who prefer slow paced beaches for vacations? If yes, then your perfect choice is the quiet beach of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, you will enjoy the quiet golden sand beaches facing the blue and deep Atlantic, or you can experience the white sand beaches facing the turquoise Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you can find a sea glass beach or a black sand beach here. Every beach in Puerto Rico is great, great; here is a list of the three best beaches in Puerto Rico that will give you a quiet and memorable stay experience:

– Playa Crashboat beach

The beach looks like it was taken from a postcard, lined with colorful boats along the coastline. The water is absolutely pure, and the sand on the beach is the softest on entire Puerto Rico.

– Balneario de Carolina beach

You’ll hear many people talking about the beauty of Balneario de Carolina, also known as the beautiful Isla Verde beach. This beach is maintained by the government so you can be sure that its always in the best condition. It stretches over a long sandy beach, and you can admire the many shades of apricot and palm trees scattered along the coast. It also offers many essential amenities such as changing facilities, washrooms, picnic tables, lifeguards, and many beautiful restaurants. 

– Balneario Luquillo beach

Balneario de Luquillo is the most photographed beach in Puerto Rico. It is located in Luquillo near Highway 3. Visitors and locals alike are satisfied with this well-equipped back, which has everything a person needs when spending time on the beach. It is also an ideal place for families, as there are coral reefs in the area that assist calm waters, which kids love. 

What about water sports lovers?

Water sports fanatics can also enjoy a great time in Puerto Rico. Other than its magnificent natural beauty, Puerto Rico is one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean that offers plenty of opportunities for recreational water sports such as kiteboarding and snorkeling. The best destinations for these activities are along the southern and eastern coasts of the country and on the outskirts of the island. There is even a Puerto Rican school near the beach that provides professional guidance for aspiring kiteboarders and snorkelers. 

– Kiteboarding

With kiteboarding, you will see the beautiful environment in different ways. It’s like sitting on a hot air balloon, but this is even more exciting because you will be pulled through the shores of the beach. You’ll then soar through the blue skies while you are securely harnessed.

– Snorkeling 

Any snorkeler will definitely be invited by the crystalline waters of the Canary Islands.  Snorkeling is an all-year-round exercise enjoyed by locals and tourists.  Getting the proper snorkel gear can be tricky but you can usually rent on or near the more popular beaches on Puerto Rico.  Look for popular names like US Divers, Tribord, TUSA, Cressi, and Mares.

There are so many reasons to spend days in Puerto Rico beaches. What you’ll need to do is to plan in advance for your holiday to avoid last minute disappointments.