Best Places to Kiteboard in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect kiteboarding destination: warm waters throughout the year, plenty of steady winds, excellent kiteboarding and surfing culture, and diverse weather conditions ranging from calm waters to large waves.

If you’re new to kiteboarding, which is also called kite surfing, there are plenty of businesses in Puerto Rico that are willing to give all training you need and provide you with the necessary equipment required for kiteboarding.

Best Seasons for Kiteboarding

Although Puerto Rico has high stable winds throughout most of the year, some months are better than others for kitesurfing. The island has more massive waves from December to April, and it’s perfect for experienced kiteboarders looking for an adventure. If you aren’t that skilled in kiteboarding, then the best time of the year to kite surf is from July to September. This time of the year has calmer waters and smaller waves that are best fit for amateur kiteboarders.

Here are some of the best places to kiteboard in Puerto Rico:

San Juan Area

The San Juan area has several beaches that are suitable for kiteboarding and are very near to the capital city as well. Some of the beaches include:

  • Caballos
  • Isla Verde
  • Punta Las Marias

Isla Verde is near the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and is a favorite kiteboarding destination. Caballos is also near the International airport and has more massive waves. Punta Las Maria is about six miles east of San Juan.

South Coast

The south coast of Puerto Rico has many beaches that are great for kiteboarding. Some of them include:

  • La Parguera

La Parguera is the largest kiteboarding area is the South coast part of Puerto Rico and has a large open area that has plenty of space for kiteboarding.

  • Gilligan’s Bay

If you plan to kite surf in Gilligan’s Bay, you will have to launch from a boat since the bay does not have any launching pads. The bay usually has calm winds and flat waters making it a perfect spot for kiteboarding beginners.

  • Ballena Bay

Although Ballena Bay also has flat waters, because of its mangrove trees that are downwind from the bay, it is not well suited for beginners.

These three beaches are found less than fifty minutes west of Ponce and about ninety minutes south-west of San Juan.

Northwest Coast

A few of the beaches that are found on the Northwest coast of the island include:

  • Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach is one of the best beaches for kitesurfing, and it’s less than an hour’s drive from San Juan. Jobos beach has a natural pool that is formed due to a reef. Its starts of shallow from the shoreline and then gets deeper as you move farther from the shore. This beach is suitable for both beginners and experts since beginners can use the shallow part of the water and experts, can use the outer parts of Jobos.

  • Shacks Beach

Shacks Beach is located west of Jobos. Shacks’ kiteboarding conditions fluctuate a lot from day to day and can sometimes be even too dangerous for kite surfing because Shacks beach is the windiest part of Puerto Rico.

The shallow sharp coral reef which roaring waves crush makes Shacks Beach is not suitable for beginners.